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Access to education is the key to overcoming any obstacle. We provide lectures from visiting experts, plus supportive interaction done with the guidance of doctors at Henry Ford Doctors all free of charge. 
All done with help from our global partners:
Vitiligo Research Foundation,
Vitiligo Support International and
The National Vitiligo Foundation.


About Lee

Vitiligo is a condition which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause. Over 60 million people around the world have vitiligo that is 0.5% to 2% of the worlds population. We are here to help! Clarity LTF is a certified 501c3 charitable foundation initiated by Emmy Award winning American broadcaster Lee Thomas. The purpose is to bring emotional and mental support to people struggling with vitiligo like Lee. VStrong is the main program powered by ClarityLTF. VStrong is the vitiligo support group of southeast Michigan started by Mr. Thomas and Dr. Henry Lim, head of the Multicultural Dermotology Department of Henry Ford Hospital in based in Detroit Michigan. 

We exist to provide mental and emotional support for people with vitiligo.

Vstrong is setting an example followed by people around the world.

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International Advocate! Motivational Speaker! Television Broadcaster! Lee Thomas is a TV journalist that has been living with vitiligo with over 20 years. His powerful story is followed by thousands all over the globe for his positive approach to a challenged life. 

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Started in 2008 VStrong vitiligo support group provides a safe place for people with vitiligo to get education and support in a loving environment. We are over 80 members and backed by the Henry Ford Multicultural Dermatology Department in the New Center Area of Detroit Michigan.
To help fund research and support we have three core events annually. Simply click donate on any page. The first event is a luncheon on World Vitiligo Day which is June 25 every year. We also have an annual Movie outing. And the annual Vstrong summer picnic, our signature event that is well attended. We also partner with many vitiligo organizations and doctors around the globe. We regularly bring in experts to speak about cutting edge research and events that help support and educate. These groups include Vitiligo Support International, Vitiligo Research Foundation, National Vitiligo Foundation, Vitiligo Bond, Vitifriends, and various local support groups around the USA. We are proud of our core program and partnerships and with your support our effort can continue.


Clarity Lee Thomas Foundation

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